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   A few notes and comments from Garry’s students:


  • Thank you for your effort and inspiration teaching Anya this year; her confidence is building!

  • As Supervisor of Performance Studies, let me take this opportunity to thank you for all the excellent work you do for us.  Your versatility and sheer musicianship, I know, have been a source of inspiration to many of our students over the years, and your always willing co-operation has made my job that much easier and more satisfying.  It has been a pleasure to have worked with you.  Deirdre, Carleton U, Ottawa.

  • Garry, thank you once again for your visit; the students were in awe of your technique and musical ability.  We look forward to another visit in the spring. Gloucester High School

  • Dear Garry…thank you for everything you have done for me.  I really enjoyed our lessons and I always had a LOT OF FUN!  Tomoko

  • Thank you for listening to my many mistakes over the past few years!  You have been an amazing teacher and I hope we can stay in touch.  Brooke

  • Garry, …thank you for all you have done in the past 3 years – for your patience & guidance, moments of inspiration, and especially moments of hard honesty.    At times in our lives, just the right teacher comes along to bring you from one point to another, and you have certainly been that – just the right teacher.  Andrea

  • I just wanted to write you a small note to reiterate my thanks and appreciation and gratitude for the time we spend together.  I really receive a lot from our lessons and I am sure I would not have progressed as far technically and musically, and even personally, had I not the opportunity to learn with you…your lightness , friendliness and relaxed playfulness have managed to balance my seriousness and my penchant for extremism which has so often ruined my endeavours in the past.  I would have quite guitar a long time ago, except that you kept inspiring me!  Dan




Student  Testimonials

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