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Live Music Services - Client Feedback...



•    We just wanted to tell you we had excellent feedback regarding your trio and the quality of your music.  Thank you very much for your professionalism!  Paul Turpin.



•    Garry, we can’t imagine an event without you.  Thanks for making this Bar Mitzva so wonderful!  Pam & Oded



•    The residents of the SCO Health Service enjoyed a very pleasant time as well as a great performance.  Their well-being and happiness remain our first commitment and we sincerely thank you for the time you have so generously contributed.  Francois Gignac, Therapeutic Recreation Services, SCO Health Service



•    I cannot personally thank you enough for the lovely music provided by the trio.  As you know, many of our guests complimented you personally at the dinner…..the trio really added to the ambience of the evening and helped to make it a successful event. Educational  Commission for Foreign Med  ical Graduates



•    Thank you for sharing your knowledge & expertise with our festival guitarists.  We look forward to a return visit.  Sue Fisher, Kiwanis Festival



Garry Elliott

Live Music Is Best!

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